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1. A Remedy for Freeze-Thaw and Unsightly Expansion Joints
Without diving too deep into the chemistry of concrete, here’s an admixture that claims to mitigate the effects of hydration, or the exothermic water–cement reaction that forms the strong molecular bonds in concrete. Cool-Crete eliminates the first-phase of hydration in the curing process, says Cool-Crete Technology Group president Dwayne Dillingham, resulting in concrete that has: a slower set-up time, extending its workability; less porosity and thus less susceptibility to freeze-thaw; less shrinkage, eliminating the need for expansion cuts; and an evenly distributed cure that requires no cooling equipment or humidity control. Applications of concrete with Cool-Crete have successfully been in service for two years in a range of climate conditions, Dillingham says. Go to web page